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Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Lead Generation, Online Visibility, Re-Targeting, Brand Identity etc.,

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About Teqesoft


We at Teqesoft Solutions provide the complete Digital Marketing Solutions which will increase your online traffic, online visibility on your brand, generating leads and converting them into prospective customers to increase ROI

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Our Services

Marketing Consulting / Strategies

With advanced cutting edge tools and techniques, we generate digital marketing playbooks to scale revenues, Brand awareness, and increase customer retention at the best ROI with the lowest investment. We develop the growth insights across all major industries. No matter your goal we've got you covered

Data Driven Approach

Data driven isn’t just about introducing new processes and technology it allow the business to work towards a common goal

Technical Analysis

Specific data projects including installing or repairing your web analytics and tag management solution

Market Research

Our Research expertise spans a wide range of industries with Accurate, effective and innovative

Analytics & Growth Driven ROI

Working with complex analytics hinges on right tools, real-time data visualization could be the route to real ROI

Marketing Automation refers to Software Hub & Technologies designed to use the tools more effectively in a single platform.

How to eliminate repetitive manual work?

Acquire and integrate information from internal and external data sources

How to connect marketing tools in a single hub?

Automate outreach without Being Impersonal, Create & Share Email Templates

How to Nurture the leads automatically?

Converting your leads into sales is the ultimate goal but, without automating your processes, you’re wasting valuable time and resources

How visitors tracking can be possible from multiple channels?

Web analytics is to identify this difference in user intention and behavior in order to create tailored messages for each channels. This will increase the overall engagement and conversion rate of your website

If you have any of the above questions? Our Marketing Automation Experts Team will provide right solution

Marketing Automation
Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Our strategies boost awareness by reaching potential customers through their social feeds or search results

Facebook Advertising

Our team has extensive experience with both B2C and B2B Facebook advertising

Google Adwords

Increase in ROI and work on further improving results to help you achieve your business objectives

Affiliate Marketing

Strong relationships with quality affiliates and Drive up traffic to increase conversions with affiliate marketing

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising platform is one of the most cost effective online lead generation tool

Podcast Advertising

Innovation is huge and we're helping both brands and audiences to understand the power of a podcast

Are you looking for a simple smart website or highly responsive complex designs, or any customized website with your own unique templates, we are here to create all of these designs from zero to pinnacle to satisfy your design needs


A great brand is nothing without a great website

Landing Pages

High Converting Unbounded Landing Pages Designed by our Specialists & we optimize your page for maximum conversions


An optimized email marketing program is necessary to leverage your process


Make your entire brands easier with our tailor-made micro-sites

Web Design & Development
Mobile App Development

The trends has changed on these days is to hook up smart phones and tablets to connected devices (say IOT). We develop any mobile applications to compete the modern online marketing challenges to reach out the prospects at right time

iOS App Development

Hugely competitive & it's vital to work with a specialist team that will help your app stand out

Android App Development

Creating a user friendly & high performance app will give you the best possible solution to fulfill the customer needs without any hassles


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